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FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) is a game mode within FIFA on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One . The game mode is available since FIFA 09, but you had to pay to be able to play FUT. Since FIFA 11 the game mode is free.

In FUT you can build your own Ultimate Team. You do this by collecting cards so you can put them in your lineup. This cards can be acquired in 2 ways. First you can find them in packs which you buy for in-game coins or real life money. Next to that you can buy them of the Trade Market where other people might be selling the player you want.

With the teams you can compete in online matches/tournaments against other human opponents or play offline matches against the CPU. Playing matches will earn you coins from which you can buy packs or players from the Trade market.

Like this you can build your way up to your own Ultimate Team! Will it be Neil Ethridge on goal or you prefer Alex Smithies? Lee Tomlin and C Patterson in one team? It's all up to you in FIFA Ultimate Team.

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